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In Ava it seems to have been Section of the king's title, that he was "King on the white elephant, and Lord with the twenty-four umbrellas." In 1855 the King of Burma directed a letter into the Marquis of Dalhousie in which he models himself "His good, wonderful, and most fantastic Majesty, who reigns over the kingdoms of Thunaparanta, Tampadipa, and all The good umbrella-wearing chiefs of the Eastern nations around the world".

In 2005, Umbrella's t-virus was used in a bioterrorism assault on Harvardville Airport, causing a mass an infection of all the terminal.

Billed Particle Rifle: A gun that fees particles with damaging or good shocks which will electrocute any person or deactivate electrical shields and harm electric artifacts due to the EMP emitted by it.

Sal Cinquemani from Slant Journal wrote "The song is just plain very good, in spite of style, proves that Jay and Rihanna, who's by now scored hits across quite a few formats using a string of singles that couldn't be extra distinct from one another, are focused on developing top quality hits—nevertheless frivolous They might be."[19] Quentin B. Huff of PopMatters.com said that ""Umbrella" is a monster, a great deal to make sure that I'll even confess to shelling out a portion of a rainy afternoon practising the hook.

When he entered I observed that he carried no umbrella, and certainly experienced not come in his carriage, for his tarpaulin hat ran down with melting sleet, and his excellent pilot fabric jacket appeared Just about to tug him to the floor with the load of your water it experienced absorbed.

Umbrella was ultimately discovered responsible soon following the Umbrella Russia incident, after nameless notification by Albert Wesker, using the information he had extracted. The U.S. federal government suspended Umbrella's market investing license pending additional investigation into their organization techniques.

a small Cover utilised as being a safety in opposition to the Sunshine in China, Egypt, and elsewhere in remote antiquity. It absolutely was normally an emblem of rank. During the Middle Ages the umbrella turned Pretty much extinct in Europe; its usefulness wasn't rediscovered until eventually the late sixteenth cent., when it absolutely was launched as being the parapluie (Fr.,=towards the rain). Its use didn't turn out to be standard, however, until the late 18th cent., when it is alleged to happen to be launched in England by Jonas Hanway; umbrellas had been to start with manufactured to the Continent just after read more 1787.

In historic Egypt, the parasol is present in a variety of styles. In a few circumstances it is depicted like a flagellum, a fan of palm-leaves or coloured feathers set on an extended manage, resembling People now carried behind the Pope in processions.[eleven] Gardiner Wilkinson, in his Focus on Egypt, has an engraving of an Ethiopian princess travelling as a result of Upper Egypt within a chariot; a style of umbrella fastened to your stout pole rises during the centre, bearing a close affinity to Exactly what are now termed chaise umbrellas.

I used to be sitting down close to the doorElizabeth saw me straight; but he did not; he was occupied with the umbrella.

The Black Diffusor (silver reflector) gives the lighting influence of a direct softbox with only one diffuser.

From Greece it is probable that the use of the parasol passed to Rome, where It appears to have already been normally used by Girls, while it absolutely was the customized even for effeminate men to defend on their own in the heat by means of the Umbraculum, formed of pores and skin or leather-based, and effective at being lowered at will. There are actually frequent references to your umbrella from the Roman Classics, and it seems that it had been, not not likely, a submit of honour among maid-servants to bear it around their mistresses.

Andy Kellman of AllMusic commented: "'Umbrella' is [Rihanna's ideal song] so far, delivering mammoth if roomy drums, a towering backdrop during the refrain, and vocals that happen to be by some means totally convincing with out sounding everything impassioned – a really perfect location between making an attempt too tricky and boredom, like she could've been on her twentieth choose."[sixteen] Alex Macpherson of British newspaper The Guardian, "Umbrella" is "evidence" that Rihanna's "rigorous operate ethic is having to pay off", adding that she "delivers [from the music] an impassioned declaration of us-against-the-globe devotion".

On no less than 1 situation, 20-four umbrellas had been carried ahead of the Emperor when he went out looking. The umbrella served In such cases as a protection against rain rather than sun. The Chinese style was afterwards introduced to Japan through Korea and likewise introduced to Persia as well as the Western planet by using the Silk Highway. The Chinese and Japanese traditional parasol, usually applied around temples, remains comparable to the initial ancient Chinese style and design.

a protective defend or monitor, esp of plane or gunfire 4. anything which has the effect of the protecting screen or deal with 5. any procedure or agency that provides centralized organization or general protect for a bunch of related companies, companies, and so forth: dance umbrella

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